I Meditated Today!

I think they should make a sticker for this to put on your t-shirt, like the one you get when you vote, except it would say “I Meditated Today!”  But since I don’t have a sticker to wear around and prove I meditated today, I thought I’d write about it.

I don’t know if it’s because I mentioned that I was going on a Personal Growth Journey but haven’t gone anywhere yet or grown at all, so it’s just the universe’s way of punishing me for not following through with what I said I’d do or if the universe is reminding me of my intentions, pushing me to just do it already – even though I’m too tired and I don’t feel like it right now, but life has been particularly overwhelming for me lately.

These were the stickers I needed before I meditated today (I don’t think they make any of these either by the way)

I Moaned and Groaned Today!

I Bitched and Fussed Today!

I Worried About Shit I Can’t Control Today!

I’m thinking those daily accomplishments probably aren’t worthy of a sticker though, so I decided to do something else instead.  Because what I’ve learned recently, is the more I fight it (life) the more it resists. And I’m not a scientist or physicist or whatever it is that studies resistance, but without Googling it (trying really hard to restrain myself right now), I’m pretty sure something’s been proven about that thing that happens when you try to fight against something that’s stronger than you; the harder you fight, the more it resists, or something like that.  Imagine like a little runt bully kid, full of piss and vinegar, getting into a fight with a really big dinosaur.  The runt bully kid starts throwing punches at the dinosaur while the dinosaur presses his giant dinosaur hand against the runt kid’s forehead, keeping the runt bully kid at bay (so he’s really only punching the air) which makes it easier for the dinosaur to multi task, so he’s eating a cookie with his other giant hand, waiting for the runt bully kid to get tired enough to give up.  (I’m the little runt bully kid and the universe is the dinosaur, in case you were wondering).

Anyway, it really doesn’t make any sense to try and fight dinosaurs, or the universe, so I thought I’d try a different approach to life today.  Instead of all the fussing and worrying about all the shit inside my little piece of the universe, I’d submit to it and try to let go of the things out of my control; maybe in return, the universe would compromise with me and agree to share some of its strength.  So I threw a pillow on the floor, fired up an incense stick, plugged in my earbuds, pressed play and started meditating.

The first few minutes were difficult because it’s hard to calm the mind of a little runt bully kid, but eventually I let go and allowed my mind to drift as I was guided closer to a meditative state.  Once I finally got there it was fabulous, like an out of body experience and I wanted to stay there forever. In fact, I’m kind of hooked now.

I didn’t exactly come out of my meditative state feeling like a dinosaur, but I do feel a lot stronger than I did before I meditated.  And I think that deserves a sticker…

I Am Stronger Today!


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